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5 Reasons You Need To Visit Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site

As a wanderer, I'm certain you've had those overwhelming moments of mind-blowing awe as you experience something extraordinary and profound. Moments when all five senses are on high alert and you know for certain that you are immersed in something sacred. I'm fortunate to say, I've had those moments.

I've visited the 565 million year old fossils at Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage site in Portugal Cove South, on the Irish Loop on Newfoundland's east coast on two occasions and each time my experience unveiled fleeting glimpses of what it means to be a part of this earth, the universe even, and I was profoundly affected by the experience. Here are five reasons why you need to take the tour;

1. Hike the spectacular landscapes!

Your introduction to Mistaken Point begins at the Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre where you meet your local guide and head out on your journey. It's an approximate 2 hour return hike along the most pristine and colourful landscapes found anywhere in the world.

2. Discover local traditions and stories

Share in the stories of the people who live in the area. Locals discovered and live with the fossils and are the proud stewards for their protection. The area is rich with music and folklore, flavourful dialects that hint of Irish ancestry, and hospitable people with a gentle sense of humour.

3. Rejuvenate your senses

Whether you walk the coastlines of Mistaken Point, in wind, rain, fog, or clear blue skies and sunshine, believe me your senses are on high alert and the experience is magical. First of all you can't believe the beauty before you. Hearing the sounds of the waves and nature, smelling the earth and fresh ocean air, tasting the berries, the edible flora and the salt spray from the sea all combine to prepare you for the pièce de résistance and the anticipation of finally touching the fossils.

4. Put life into perspective

If standing amongst thousands of 565 million year old life forms doesn't give you perspective nothing will. The whole experience takes on a sacredness ( you sense the need to whisper) that has your emotions spinning and the realization of what you are observing is something profound. If these fossils have survived for 565 million years in the rugged landscapes of the coast, surely we have the tenacity to survive anything.. There has to be a lessen there somewhere right?

5. Give yourself a sense of achievement and celebrate it

Every time I've visited Mistaken Point I've always had the sense that I've achieved something special and I want to celebrate it. At my age that gives me bragging rights with all my friends and family. Here's how I really feel and proof that I was actually there. So go!

Be sure and check out Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism to plan your journey

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