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Magical Moments with Lighthouses in Eastern Newfoundland

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Since taking up photography as a hobby I’ve fallen in love with lighthouses. In Newfoundland and Labrador, seeking out lighthouses can take you on the most amazing road trips to the most spectacular off the beaten path places. Lighthouses are located on points of land around the most scenic and magical coastal views, a veritable oasis for photographers. They are mysterious, wild, bold, sea-swept beacons that entice you to drive or walk, as quickly as you can down the winding roads and trails to get to them. Here are a few that have given me many quiet and contemplative moments with my camera and I’m always on the lookout for more to explore.


Fortune Head Lighthouse - Fortune, Burin Peninsula

Fortune Head Lighthouse is situated on the Fortune Head Ecological Reserve. The rocks in the superbly exposed low cliffs represent the geological boundary between the Precambrian and Cambrian geological eras. The fossils there represent the first skeletal creatures from 540 million years ago. The views are spectacular as you look out over Fortune Bay to the famous Grand Banks Fishing Grounds and the French Islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon. From Fortune you are only a short ferry ride to visiting our European neighbours and enjoying French culture, cuisine and hospitality. Visit the Fortune Head Geology Centre for more information on the geology of the area before heading out to the Lighthouse. Be sure and call ahead for a guided tour

Point aux Canons Lighthouse - Saint Pierre et Miquelon

I’ve had the opportunity to visit the exceptional islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon several times over the past number of years. Each visit is a new discovery of culture, history, nature and friendships. The Point aux Canons Lighthouse is situated on the site of what was The Pointe aux Canons Battery, a fort on the island of Saint Pierre built by the French to defend the islands from British attacks in 1690-1713. The 6 cannon battery was destroyed by the British in 1702. It stands as a beacon of strength and can be seen from several vantage points throughout the town. There is so much to discover about these beautiful islands whose history is so very much linked to our own.

Trinity, on the Bonavista Peninsula, is one of my favourite happy places. If you’ve spent any time there you've come to realize that Trinity is a community of beauty defined by picket fences and heritage homes, narrow streets and hidden pathways, seaside tranquillity, culture, history and people who welcome you with open arms. Fort Point was established in 1748 by the British in order to protect the mercantile assets that had been established in Trinity. I've spent hours touring the lighthouse grounds by land but some of the most memorable moments have been photographing it from the water.

Heart's Content Lighthouse - Baccalieu Trail

I live about a half hour drive from Heart's Content. And on lovely evenings when I know the sunset will be something special I grab my camera and head there. Why? Because I know the Trinity Bay sunsets are spectacular and the lighthouse in Heart's Content is right in line with the setting sun. Heart's Content is known for its beautiful heritage architecture and the Heart's Content Cable Station Provincial Historic Site. It's the place where the world came to meet us through transatlantic cable communication. It's where hearts are content!

I first visited the King's Cove Lighthouse several years ago with a group of geologists exploring the rich geological history of the Bonavista Peninsula. Lighthouse Trail - King's Cove is one of the trails as part of the Hike Discovery trail system and also a geological site included in the Discovery Aspiring Geopark. It's an amazing place to sit by the ocean and watch the waves. Bring a picnic! Nature provides it's own music.

The Cape Bonavista Lighthouse is a must see whenever I am in Bonavista. No matter the time of year it's rugged coastline and stunning ocean views are a paradise for those who love nature. I could spend a full day here just walking the hills and pathways around the Cape and staring out to sea. Did I say happy place?

Cape Race Lighthouse - Portugal Cove South

I absolutely love this lighthouse! It’s a magical place at the edge of the Avalon and its history tells stories of ship wrecks and heroism. Portugal Cove South is home to Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site with its 565 million year old fossils and dare I say it is one of my most happiest places. To me it is sacred ground and my soul needs to visit there at least once a year. With my camera of course.

Hant's Harbour Lighthouse - Hant's Harbour, Trinity Bay

One day I headed out specifically to visit this lighthouse. There's a little walk to reach it but its delightful. When I got there I met a mother and her two daughters having a picnic on the steps of the lighthouse. We chatted and ate lunch together, it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. Lighthouses provide me with so much joy and delight. How about you?

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