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Mother and Son Road Trip Part II - When your mother is chased by a horse.

Spending time with family is beyond special. But when your adult son agrees to take a road trip with his mother, well, now that’s down right priceless. In my earlier blog Mother and Son Road Trip Part I we started with a boat tour to see icebergs. Now we explore to see icebergs from land and visit the landmark places around two of the top visited towns in Newfoundland, Bonavista and Elliston. It just so happened that, a particular iceberg sighting in Amherst Cove was creating kind of a buzz in the media, so off we go to see it. The sun was setting as we topped the hill into Amherst Cove and our eyes are automatically drawn to the sea. Three towering ice sculptures protrude from the ocean in front of us. It was a moment in time I will never forget and sharing it with my son made it priceless. I was in my happy place.

We call it a day after that spectacular show and a day on the water with Bonavista Puffin and Whale Boat Tours and head back to our cozy home away from home at Cole's Vacation Home in Elliston. We headed out again in the morning to explore the area. So far so good. Jonathan hasn't deliberately lost me. Yet!

I want to show Jonathan some of my favourite places in the area. There are many and our time is limited. We begin with a tour of Elliston and Maberly. Breakfast is served. Here's Jonathan in his Home from the Sea apron supplied by our host.

I may be in trouble for posting this but I'm his mother right?

When your mother is chased by a horse!

Ok so yes, I was chased by a horse but there are no pictures to prove it. I have no idea why it chased me, except maybe the horse liked the colour of my bright blue coat. Son was in too much of a fit of laughing to think about taking a photo. Here's what happened. We were driving the road to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse and took the road to visit Dungeon Provincial Park. It's a beautiful area along the rugged coastlines where horses roam free along with cows and goats.

I asked Jonathan to stop the car and out I jumped to take pictures. Jonathan stayed in the car. I walked around in front of the car, horses all around me, and I see out of the corner of my eye this huge brownish red horse galloping towards me. In a split second I realized he was coming for me and I ran towards the car yelling "unlock the car, unlock the car." I managed to make it to the car, jump in the back seat behind Jonathan and close the door, only to see a big eye, huge horse teeth and nose smashed against the car window. Jonathan could not speak, not from fear, but because he was in a fit of laughter at his crazy mother and could hardly breathe. Once I recovered, we both laughed for an hour.

We continued on, stopping for photos and hiking the coastlines to some of my favourite places in the world. We headed home and the next day made a visit to The Rooms before Jonathan headed back to Alberta. He will never know how much I appreciated spending time with him.

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