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Mother and Son - Road Tripping 101 Part 1 - Adventure on the High Seas

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

My son Jonathan lives in Alberta, and whenever I visit him he takes me on road trips to his favourite places in the mountains. He's a nature lover and enjoys road trips as much as I do but since moving away from home, he hasn't really spent much time exploring Newfoundland. So, this time, when he came home for a visit I felt it was time I took him to see some of my happy places. It was June and prime time to seek out the #icebergs, #puffins and #whales. With Jonathan as the driver, (can't have Mom driving) we head out on the highway west on TCH 1 to Bonavista and Elliston and points in between, neither of us knowing how this was going to go.

Choosing the Right Accommodations

This was an overnight road trip and we needed enough space to not crowd each other too much. We spent the night at Coles Vacation Home in Elliston. Jonathan, not really knowing where I was taking him and being as he's not the "roughing it" kind of traveller, was thoroughly impressed. One up for Mom! It's a beautiful place and we highly recommend. You can be sure its big enough to avoid your mother if she’s on a road trip with you.

Cole's Vacation Home, Elliston, big enough to lose Mom, with all the comforts of home.

Agree on the Activities - Boat Tours Work

If you're road tripping with your son, its a good idea to choose activities you both like. Seeing icebergs was top of our list and knowing there were some off Bonavista (we checked we booked a tour with Bonavista Puffin and Whale Boat Tours. We had such an amazing time. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Next Up - Hiking And Exploring

Happy Son - Cool Sunglasses

It was a perfect day

Happy Mom with a piece of a 10K year old iceberg. What you don't know is, my hands are frozen.

Taking a bite of a 10K year old iceberg without breaking his perfect teeth.

Quality mother and son time is a road trip I’d take any day. We are planning another for this summer so I guess I must have behaved myself. 😎

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